Monday, May 10, 2010

For My Friend, Who's Had a Rough Year

Clear-eyed and sadly staring
down at feet so little and dolled-up
wrapping thin arms around thin legs
bent double
twice crushed
once loved.
She shivers and laughs
forcing it out
high-pressure hilarity
don't let anything out
or catastrophe.
Thinking about the ocean
so deep, cold, and full of life and death
it is bluest green and troubled
filling the horizon of my mind
"And the sea will give up its dead"
but at least they rest quietly now.
Lucky dead.
Polish the spears and saddle the charger
Unfurl the banner and ride forth
conquering and to conquer
seeking love errant.
She will find and slay a heart.
Girl of La Mancha,
you sit in the grass
Girl of La Mancha,
unhorsed in your pass
Girl of La Mancha,
enchantment has won,
Girl of La Mancha,
your efforts undone,
Girl of La Mancha,
took one of the chin.
Sweet Girl of La Mancha,
You'll try once again.
Nurse your bruises
bind the wounds
staunch your bleeding heart.
You live.
Be grateful:
not everybody gets out of love
as unscathed as you.
"The sun also rises,
and the sun goes down
and hastens to the place where it arose.
The waters flow into the sea
and the sea is not full
to the place whence the waters came
there they return again."
Do you know
that life is vibrant?
Moving all around you,
it will not wait for you
if you sit it out,
but it will always
welcome you back in,
a little bit downstream.

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