Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Sky and the Sea

Smell the salt in the air?
Chill wind whips quick cold caresses
brushes your brow
holds hair back behind salted temples
bringing breaths of the sea to you.
Dig in the sand with bare feet
grit and water washing calluses
plant fingers in the cool brown beach
sitting just slightly out of the surf
lying back under the sky so full of clouds
a fool in the fine rain
in love with whatever weather finds you
but most of all
the cool grey cloud cover
marching in rank
a swath of vapor
but definite
shapes built one on another
until the sky is blocked out
but that's ridiculous.
The sky is there
wearing a coat for you to admire
but mostly for the sea
the sky loves the sea so
see how they meet?
As far away from your eyes as they can get
and there they embrace
each heaving in passion
each full of one another
and you sit on the shore
above the one
below the other
and watch the spectacle
and wish the sea loved you
and the sky came down to meet you
for you could love them both
as you do, even now,
but constrained
by lungs and land and legs
to see them when you can
enjoying their company
but never quite part of them.
So you sit on the shore
in the rain
and love them from afar.