Monday, August 2, 2010

Rain on the desert

Rain on the desert
washes the kinks from your back
and the aches from your eyes
you are clean
the plants, too, soak it in
swelling roots
fat and tiny leaves
and the pervasive creosote
spirating tarry perfume
musk of the monsoon
awful pretty smell for a pretty awful scrub
see the channels flow
dry for long months
and the little pools in the rock
itty-bitty ponds for the itty-bitty frogs
that come out to see the world
only when it's wet
poor things!
must be so confused
because it's always raining when they wake up
and the birds are sullen
kings of dusty sky
today they sit grumpily
puffing themselves
and complaining about the rain
like it was London
but at least they sing their disgust
as I sing my joy
and look up
like a turkey
and feel the air
and the water that indwells it
and praise the God who made it
very good.

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