Friday, August 20, 2010

The World and Christ

Hold but lightly to the silver noose;
mourn but slightly for the golden goose;
look to your left, then right, then down,
you'll all alike meet six feet underground.
So if you set your heart on sex and toys,
and run with all your might to girls (and boys),
and quaff ferociously the Lethian wine,
and gorge your gut when you sit down to dine,
do not be shocked, when at the orgy's end
you die alone, unmourned, without a friend.
For this vile world of sin shall reek and roil
and you may lose your shirt in all your toil,
but in the end the earth shall shake and burn
and to what toy or bauble will you turn?
When face to face with God in wrath and might
shall not the judge of all the earth do right?
So kiss the Son, and bow the knee to Christ,
pay homage now, lest by the world enticed
your knee be forced, your tongue be racked at last
and you confess Him Lord who binds your fast.
Take up His yoke while in the day of grace,
He bids you seek, so seek and find his face
and come beneath the gracious yoke of God
before you lie beneath the bitter sod.
The one you serve, it shall your master be
repent in faith, and Christ shall set you free.
Free as a subject of the greatest king
Free to serve and free to praise and sing
True freedom this, and sweeter work is none
than cross and service for God's only Son.

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