Friday, April 22, 2011


I have a terrible
dim hazy
lazy lost crossed tossed
until embossed
in thin relief
common coin of my mind
careworn and faded
jangles in the pockets of my brain
sometime lost in the couch.

This I do
not for lack of love of things past
I think, yet I let
the creases fill
the burrs smooth
the crinkles settle
and like shaken oil
or muddy water
it clarifies
and I skim off what I want for present use.

The sediment remains
and over time
it ossifies
and is windblown
rains come
freezes and thaws
and who I am stands
on who I have been
be it cracked shale
or granite.

Either way,
let Christ remove the heart
of stone!
Then can I reflect
truly upon the mound of dust I am
and with Him sculpt from it a monument
(Not unto us, O Lord!)
to Thy Name.
Give glory!

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