Friday, April 15, 2011

Great God Glorious

It is a full life
with cluttered care
cost control and
keeping it all together.
There is a great
God glorious
reigning all-holy
high and heavenly
who hears and heeds
the wretched cries
of dust-bound down
man bowed low.
The curse alighted,
dark death raven
perched upon the
corpse of Adam's sons;
demanding doom
and dull obeisance
to toil and pain.
This curse we bought
high-priced though
it was. A rawer deal
was never cut than this.
Proud Satan, salesman,
pitchman of perdition,
enlightened Eve into
the foulest mysteries:
displeasing her good God,
gaining the grave,
forfeiting the faithful fruit,
hung now hidden past
the holy cherub.
Forefather Adam bought
the snake-sold story slick,
and followed dumb and blind
behind a wife who hence
would harbor high desire
against his headship.
Dear gardener, temple-
guard of God gets heaved
heigh-ho unto the earth
which now shall share his pain,
and offer back a harvest
half-high, hard-won, hurtful,
seeped in sweat and stung
by thorns and care.
A bad-bought bargain
brought to bay by
the promised seed.
Holy war-God,
treading out his wrath
alone, no soul stood
upright in the nations
to his aid. He falls
fast in fury, wades
into the fray,
sinks his sword into
the grave and tears
it open. Trembling earth
has never known a master
such as this.
He plants his pierced foot
on Satan's neck and laughs,
on the leeward
side of battle,
scattered foes lie silent,
shamed, shocked, and shorn,
death, Hades, and the serpent.
Jesus Christ, Victor,
Vicar of our souls
lays hands upon
the rich spoil
shaken from the fallen,
souls of men,
paraded in triumph
back to high heaven,
hereafter welcome in His hall.

Let this be our refrain:
Holy, Holy, Holy,
Heaven's King has conquered hell,
come what may here or hereafter,
We are welcome in His hall.

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