Saturday, October 13, 2012

Drink deep

Oh, that men would drink deep,
stand knock-kneed, overthrown entire,
and dive down, live, into that river
pouring out and down through the city
and into the sea, salt-cleansed, un-bent
and pure at last. O sea, can it
be you? Longtime last home of men
and rivers, have you unhanded now the dead?
My brothers, why stand silent, only deign
to dip in that water of life, surging with
the power of God, that river beckons:
test me - walk now - ankle deep
keep on - the bed is not so steep
here lapping at your thigh, now gliding
to your hip, now at your chest,
press on, none can live but die
to self, and none can thirst who
drown here, swallowed whole, washed,
swept up, upstream to the throne,
of God
and of
the Lamb.

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