Wednesday, October 2, 2013

As Those Who Have No Hope...

It is not so that we grieve,
despair begone from Christian heart!
We sorrow, still, at sin
and the cold touch of death,
still watching Adam's sons,
allowed to snatch them,
one by one,
but death will be disgorged,
on that day
of twilight morn and noon,
when Christ the victor rides
and slays the dragon.

The sea gives up its dead,
the bloated belly of the grave is slit,
and all men shall come forth
to stand,
and parted at the hand
of God,
of Christ on his
great white throne,
they leftward moan
and rightward shout in triumph.

On, now, up to new Jerusalem!
City of peace,
at last made whole,
made perfect, cubely shaped
and polished gleaming bright
no night
shall dim the eye
no tear
near there and death?
Where is death?
Drained, like the sea
no more a terror,
man's error, sin in Adam,
now is done,
made right by Christ,
who braved the cross,
the loss
of fellowship more sweet
than we imagine
or can tell.

So fasting mourners come and feast,
the table now is laid, the debt is paid,
and Christ calls out to come,

without money,
without price,
with fear of naught but God,
find rest
and blessed
are they
who mourn, for
they shall be comforted.