Friday, October 11, 2013

Song to the Trinity

Our good-great-gracious God
rings round this wide world
with bluest sky and blackest night,
hangs the spheres
here, there, anywhere,
flung by His hand and governed by His law.

This God, thrice-holy Trinity,
never erring, neither sparing the Son,
nor stinting in the Spirit,
He who leads us to and reads us of the Son,
feeds the heart at ebb,
and flows deeply, richly goes with us,

to light roads narrow dark and weary,
in thickest night points always
to the Son.

Our sovereign-savior, sin-slayer, Jesus Christ,
once walked this fertile earth,
his birth the knell for hell and Satan's host,
once more He comes,
with justice in Hand,
sharp sword, the word,
his legs as burnished bronze will touch this world
(the smoke chokes but cannot cloak the wicked),
and Ho! His cry, hand to the sky, Wait No More!
The Day has come, all's set and sorted out,
the sky rolled up, seas flee,
valleys lift, a rift far as Azal.

City-building Son,
metes and measures out our place palatial,
golden Zion, square and fair,
high her gates and high her walls,
long the tables, trenchers, high her halls,
full-up of feasting, strong songs shouted to and by
our battle-bruised-and-never-broken King,
tears begone! the flagons round again,
once more adore and praise the Lord,
cast down all crowns but His,
once more adore and praise the Lord!

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