Monday, October 7, 2013


We are all of us enmeshed,
entangled, intertwined,
tied to life by a thousand threads
thick and thin,
placed by God in this web
of family, friends, even foes.
Is it a trap?
A spider's spinning,
set to suck you dry?
Is it a net?
Slung confidently
beneath the high-wire of life,
reminding you that
if you fall,
you may yet get up again?
The answer (to you)
depends, hinges, hangs upon your view
of Him who at the center
spun the web
and touches every thread.
This God (whose ways are perfect)
made you you,
and those about you all themselves,
who spread out the constellation of the stars
and just as surely guards
and wards
your way.
Will you rest
in His hands?
Or fight
and cut the strings
that hold you safe,
and fall?
(into what? I do not
want to know -
neither do you)

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