Monday, March 10, 2014

And We Shall Be Changed

Threshold-welling water washes down
from Mount Zion, springing unfed but from the throne
yet welling ever brimful to a river
running deeper in its channel as it goes
and irrigating, giving life to trees
themselves so full of life even their leaves
make well at last - no fig-leaf garments here,
but glory,
bathing bruised feet,
refreshing saint-souls wrenched and wracked,
and wiping every tear away.
There gathered, to the last, at last,
each and every-one named, claimed, redeemed,
assembled guests to dine and die no more,
the roar of many waters (harpists, singers, loosed at last)
For the Lord God Omnipotent Reigns!
All friends, all family, found and bound to Christ the elder brother,
all arrived at any hour,
from there and anywhere,
and all at once we shall be changed,
don glorious dinner-jacket,
and sup, dine, feast,
all hail the host, and toast
the bridegroom beautiful,
who sought, bought, and brought his bride
to his love-bannered banquet-table,
and we shall be his people
and God himself be with us as our God.

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