Tuesday, April 29, 2014

On the Zoo in the Morning

We pitter-patter in, past the lake,
through the gate, down the road,
around the pond (with the gibbons),
to the tractors, at the barn,
between the goats and the cows,
among smells and kids and employees.

We see the cow and her calf,
the turkey and hen (no poults this year),
all of the chickens and the voluble rooster,
the donkey (Pedro is his name),
and the two cows in the windmill pasture,
mooing (and startling the baby).

We turn around, heading home,
wending back, looking around,
seeing more kids filing in,
watching tour groups arrive,
making our way through the people
who didn't get to the zoo early.

We part ways, I go to work,
she takes the boys home,
we go back to our Tuesday,
having given to our boys,
and to ourselves, a reminder
that the sun, wind, and dirt
we too easily forget, and
all creatures great and small around us,
are wonderful.  As their Lord made them to be.

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