Friday, July 25, 2014

Sovereignty is Comfort and Comfort is Praise

The heart aches when 
friends slip through your fingers
as God draws them away
to good and glorious things
and reminds you
that neither they,
nor you,
nor anything under the sun,
is yours,
but Christ.

And they,
and you,
and everything under the sun,
are in His hand.
And who shall snatch them away?

The road between us may grow longer
(and hotter and more desolate)
and the years will roll away down the hill
towards the bottom of time,
and children will grow
and faces will change
and eyes will grow dim
and death may even intrude himself on our fellowship,


thanks be to God for grace inexpressible,
bursting with glory and thoroughgoing joy
in the face of Jesus;
in the bride of Jesus,
in the temple of the Triune God,
in the light of the Lamb,
we shall meet again,
if not before.