Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Song of the Fall and Redemption

First-fired pride in Lucifer
kill-kindled selfsame spark in Eve and Adam,
forefather freely fallen from fealty to his Lord,
begat a baneful brood, 
rebel-race run down in time, rundown in mind,
all fair faculties clouded, shrouded, for the sake
of sated curiosity and pride,
damn├ęd pride.

Son-savior Jesus Christ sought souls of Adam's race,
His grace to drown the hellfire-hardened hearts of His
redeemed, reclaimed, remade, refashioned out of water
and the Spirit freely given, put paid to sin and left a newmade man,
upright again, a strong man fit to run his course -
His course, our captain, killer of the serpent,
servant, King, in Him we run right on against a troop;
Praise Him! ye gods, swear oath and bear allegiance to the Lord
of two-edged sword.
Praise Him!
for what we are now, bowed low before the Lord,
held humble by His hand; His deeds done in His people,

by those who love not life but Christ the King.

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