Thursday, April 9, 2015

The debts I owe

I shall set out the debts I owe,
that I not be found remiss in paying any,
or if by my weakness and failings
(for I am a man fallen in Adam)
I must let slip some shekel here or there,
I should like it best that it damage least.

First, Lord of all my heart, I owe you all,
and this is due at any time, upon your Word,
commanding singly or at once that I disburse
those gifts you gave for me to give - at last my life.

Next, wife of mine, I owe to you my love,
my body, soul, and laughing eyes,
(too often do I give you what's not yours -
weary looks or anger, forgive - please)
my life, my labor and attention that I be
as Christ unto His Bride, and give you all.

My sons and daughter, I owe you my hands,
my heart, my life by way of leading you to God,
I owe you love and stories, room to run,
and though perhaps in time, to hold a gun,
yet now I owe you lights of love and joy,
a guided tour of this world made by God
for His sons and daughters to explore.

God's people, here and there, far and near,
to you I owe that love of friendship, amity, welcome,
an open door and an open hand,
and here I fear I fail too often,
conceiving that small circle round about,
because it's all I see, to be all there is,
but you sons of God, I owe you
water, food, a visit and that decent respect
that a son of God should show for those
whom Christ's blood has covered - shouldn't I?

O world, what owe I you?
Only those curses for which I applied.
A house,
a job,
the thousand ticking clocks of small expenses,
yet what do I get
for these debts?
but sorrow, grief, and care.

Lord, teach us to number our days, that we may have a heart of wisdom,
but not, O Lord, offend you with a census of all else,
but give, that grace that flows like water from your throne,
may it pour through our hearts and lives to you and unto all.

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