Tuesday, June 2, 2015


think about the benefits of mechanized society
(think about the fathers who do not come home at night)
think about the conquest over cruel constricting piety
(think about the daughters who are simmering in shame)
think about the goods we have that nonexisted yesterday
(think about the mothers who are never satisfied)
think about the information only just a click away
(think about the sons who lust for shimmers on a screen)
think about the ease and speed of travel in a aeroplane
(think about the silence that you have not heard in years)
think about the power grid that lights a gold electric chain
(think about the skies tonight that never will be dark)
think about the progress made by man all over everywhere
(think about the loss of kith and kin and love and God)
think about the money news and goods that saturate the air
(think about the Word that says:

be still and know that I am God.


Gr. B and B said...

"...giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ." Ephes.5:20. The tension exists now but won't always.

MJM said...

Indeed. Likewise, "ask not why were the former days better than these, for it is not from wisdom that you ask this". Yet, one can point both to Christ and to wisdom as guides and guards against foolish action.