Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Poem for Holy Saturday

The God-Man sleeps today:
The Son of Adam in the earth, adamah,
of which he was taken through His mother,
nourished on the wheat, the oil, the wine,
the milk and honey of His people's land.
The Son of God in the depths, sheol,
to which he was abandoned by His own,
who mocked his thirst with vinegar and spite,
the cursing and the tree-curse of His law.
But though consigned to death,
and giving up His spirit yesterday,
today He takes up Adam from the grave.
Today He breaks the chains of death and hell,
and chains the tyrant with the second death.
Today He calls the dead to follow Him,
ascending with the captives in His train.
Patriarchs and prophets,
Kings and Men of Old,
arrive and see the wise thief in His joy.
And this unseen upheaval of all things,
this shaking-out of sheol and the dead
spills out into the tombs of righteous men
who rise to greet the Lord upon the morn.
And we, the scattered sheep of God,
wait upon our Lord.

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