Wednesday, April 4, 2018

There and Back Again

There were a number of reasons why my blogging disappeared from here, hosting did move (and the interface there was terrible, so I didn't blog much), LinkedIn has been a forum for posting that gets read by more people (but I feel a bit cramped by the business focus), The Prytaneum took some of the bandwidth (but is ostensibly a group blog aimed at paidea, so also not exactly what this blog is), and my conversion to Orthodoxy has been a major source of caution, setting a guard over my lips that I may not sin rashly (having done that plenty in many fora, here included).

But I think I am in a place to begin to think and poetize and discuss here again, Lord have mercy.

So if you are still reading, thank you for your patience. I hope you may enjoy the occasional fruits of my contemplation.

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